ASPP Hosts Summit of Photo Organizations

On Tuesday, February 21, 2017, ASPP hosted the NY Image Makers Summit, an opportunity for key administrators of New York-area professional photography associati...

Visual Connections – New York

Visual Connections - New York City - October 27, 2016 Despite the rain, there was a strong turnout for the 2016 Visual Connections in NYC. This event is a uniq...

Moment in Time – Elections

Being embroiled in one of the most contentious presidential campaigns in recent American memory, The Picture Professional chooses to look in a different directi...

The Law – Public Domain

By Nancy E. Wolff The words “public domain” often conjure up a number of common misconceptions. If you find a work that doesn’t have a copyright notice on it, ...
PHOTOVILLE September 2016 
Brooklyn Bridge Park

Photoville 2016

September is the time for Photoville. Still along the Brooklyn waterfront in the new and growing Brooklyn Bridge Park, it was relocated this year under the Broo...
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