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Sheri Blaney

SB Research

ASPP Position: Past Treasurer for NE Chapter

Mobile: 617-909-0030
Fax: 207-433-1400


Job Categories: Researcher, Editor, Buyer, Photographer, Consultant, Multimedia, Internet/Web, Publishing, Rights/permissions, Legal, Retoucher

I specialize in clearing intellectual property rights for all media: video, audio, photography, artwork, illustration, podcasts, and text. I've worked in this industry for over 30 years as a photo agent, researcher, editor and freelance consultant. My skills include extensive cover & image research for various disciplines including World Languages, English, History, Literature, ESL and soft sciences with extensive knowledge of image sources including low-cost and creative options. I enjoy both researching art and images for all disciplines as well as clearing text and photo permissions and negotiating pricing and usage terms.

ASPP New England Chapter