Portfolio – Body of Work

Arenal volcano, an active stratovolcano, is framed by palm trees underneath a star-filled night sky in Alajuela Province, Costa Rica.

Portfolio – Jeff Mauritzen

Jeff Mauritzen tries look at the world each day with childlike wonder, always striving to find the beauty and uniqueness in whatever he photographs. Through vis...
LIBYA. Zawiyah. 2011. A Qaddafi supporter holds a portrait of the Libyan leader during a celebration staged for
a group of visiting foreign journalists after regime forces re-took the city from rebels.

Portfolio – Magnum at 70

By Amelia Hennighausen This year, Magnum Photos approaches their 70th anniversary as the renowned collaboration of the world’s most influential photographers. ...

Dad Time – Shanghai by Callie Lipkin

In 1994, during a study abroad in Hangzhou, China, a city just outside of Shanghai, I fell in love with photography. Whether it was a response to the culture sh...
Ethiopia, Aksum, Royal Aksumite Obelisk and rising Sun

Portfolio: Chester Higgins, Jr.

This month, we are pleased to present the work of Chester Higgins, Jr., a prolific, New York–based photographer. A premier artist whose vision captures the maje...

Portfolio: Kamoinge

A Collection of Powerful Talent: The Kamoinge Collective The Picture Professional caught up with Russell Frederick, vice president of Kamoinge, at last summer'...
The sacred mountain, Adam's Peak, rises through the mist above Sri Lanka.

Portfolio – Michael S. Yamashita

ASPP member, MIKE YAMASHITA travels to places most people only dream about—or see in National Geographic, for whom he often shoots. But that accessibility to re...
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