From the Editor in Chief – Fall 2017

tracy_250x297At the end of Summer, my son had to complete a book report that gave him the option to use visuals to illustrate the key points in the book. He chose to create a photo montage with captions to create a presentation. It hit me then that he would have to do photo research and then edit his photos to shape the narrative he wanted to present. My heart warmed with pride.

Photo research and editing have occupied a great portion of my life. I have loved photography since high school when I discovered it to be a therapeutic outlet during my long days filled with Math and Science courses at The Bronx H.S. of Science. I would spend hours immersing myself in the meditative routine of processing film and making prints in the darkroom. I cherish those memories and wish my son could share that experience, but I expect he will be looking at and working with images in ways that I can’t begin to imagine.

Images are part of everyone’s life. Many of us got hooked on them and made them parts of their professional lives. At ASPP we offer a community where photo professionals can share and learn. at our events, social gatherings and in the online pages of our magazine, The Picture Professional. I am excited to be a part of the creation of stories that highlight the changing trends in our industry and work produced by members of the ASPP community.

I look forward to hearing from you with you comments and ideas for future issues.

Best regards,

Tracy Armstead

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