ASPP & ASMP Co-Hosted Summer Soiree at Aperture Foundation on July 17th

We had a terrific turnout at the Summer Soiree co-hosted with our friends at ASMP. It was great to see so many of our fellow ASPP members and to mingle with our colleagues in the business. Many great sponsors helped us make it all happen. We were introduced to our new friends at Chelsea Craft Brewing Company and we are super grateful to Megan for being such a warm presence at the taps! We also want to give a big shout-out to our friends at Getty Images who were kind enough to sponsor the party AND provide two framed prints for the Raffle. It was great to catch up with our local members and to celebrate the summer. A big thank you to our party planners, Ellen Wolf, Daniella Nilva, Laurie Green and Mary Fran Loftus, for all their help and support—we couldn’t pull it off without you.

We are already sorting out an event space for the Winter Party and securing dates in early December. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in helping out—we welcome new faces and ideas for our annual networking parties!





ASPP Midwest Strategic Planning Session Wrap-Up

by Robert E. Potter III

Role Call: Michelle Novak, Laurie ShoulterKarall, David Karall, Laurie Pasler, Roger Feldman, Robert E. Potter III and Travis Downs, professional business coach.

There was some consensus around connecting with the community. To get us started, Travis Downs asked: Does the community mean those who were invited to the event? Or those who are paying dues? Or the community of potential members?

Laurie ShoulterKarall made a few great comments: a) Why are people paying the dues? Not what do they want, but what motivated them to pay for another year? b) That the people we need to help educate are not the demographic that we have traditionally thought of. Rather, they are much older than the twenty-something college student and are in many cases starting a new career, perhaps finally following their dream of creating or working with images. Understanding the task mentality, Laurie also suggested that we begin with Gallery Visits.

Laurie Pasler made several great points about the vision and mission of the group. If people know what the group stands for or the objective, people will be more likely to join. She also mentioned sharing opportunities for creating awareness of ASPP through other organizations, outside the usual suspects. As Laurie ShoulterKarall also contributed, I think there’s an opportunity to “own” this content area as subject matter experts. With your longstanding credibility and diverse group of stakeholders—things could start to percolate from there. Creative meet-ups wherein photographers show work and share stories, etc., etc.

All the talk about memories really drove home the need for community, or at least for long-term membership.

Michelle Novak brought us hope because in the Fall, her place of work, Panoramic Images, will have a Gallery we can use to hold meetings, with a parking lot and plenty of free street parking.

Roger spoke of “giving back to the industry” and “paying it forward”—belonging to and helping ASPP because it is the right thing to do. He also reminded us that we have great resources available to us; all we need to do is ask. Plus being one of them.

There was a good deal of energy when looking at social media for recruitment.

In short, community really stood out as a reoccurring theme. There also seems to be consensus about forgetting what the ASPP chapter looked like in the past and starting NEW with what we can do now.

I propose we start with getting together for Gallery Visits and Conversations. This is a wonderful starting point. We can spread invitations and follow-up images and conversations using social media.

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