From the President – Spring 2017

cecilia_041314_500x500Dear Members and Friends of ASPP,

I want to begin by thanking Debra Hershkowitz for her excellent work as Editor in Chief on the first two issues of the digital version of The Picture Professional, and welcoming Tracy Armstead who is taking over as Editor in Chief with this issue.

People often ask me “Why should I join ASPP?” and “What would I get from being a member that I can’t get from attending a few events and the internet?”.

The answer is: full participation in a community. With the exception of our executive director and paid magazine staff, all of our board members are volunteers. We give our time because we believe in the importance of being part of a strong community.

Your membership dollars help support the space and AV rentals, food and beverages for all the events we produce.

But we need more than your dollars; we need you. We need you to be active members. Attend our board meetings. Help plan events. Send us feedback and suggestions on topics for events and magazine articles. Tell your colleagues about us. Invite them to our events. You will get back the pleasure of being creative and working with a committed team to make things happen. You will meet interesting people and learn from leaders in our business. You will make friends. You will have fun.

Last month, we organized the first quarterly meeting with board members from our sister associations, ASMP, APA, NYPPA and ACSIL. It was a fascinating and inspiring meeting. We discussed how we could pool our strengths, add value for our members by coordinating our event schedules and share news and information. We exchanged ideas of how we could continue to advocate for and showcase the value of the work we do as professionals. Read more and check out the video here.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Cecilia de Querol
ASPP National President

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