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autumn_leaf_08nov17Pricing Stock Photos

“A professional stock photographer has pointed out to me that a long held tactic to price a premium brand of anything is that a higher price indicates higher quality. He argued this is why some photographers insist on selling their images as Rights Managed. They believe they are producing a higher quality product. They often go to a great deal of effort and expense to produce their images. As a result, they feel they are not only justified in charging more, but that it is the only way they can recover their production costs.”

-Jim Pickerell

Read the rest of the article here on Selling Stock, Jim Pickerell’s news site.

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Snap Is a Camera Company

“At a time of uncertain public statements, caught between fake news and alternative fact, Snap can certainly be called a camera company. But days before its very publicized IPO – the first for a photo app – the truth about Snapchat, along with its previously hidden operating cogs, reveals much more. Snap is a camera company states the official public offering, which just happens to have built its success on everything else but a camera. If Snap is indeed a camera company, it is indeed a very bad one.”

-Paul Melcher

More at Kaptur, Paul Melcher’s news magazine about Visual Tech

enrage-photographer34 Ways to Enrage a Photographer With One Sentence

“The struggle is real for photographers to get the respect they deserve. With the incredible quality of today’s smartphone cameras, Instagram at everyone’s finger tips, and initiatives such as Snappr, less and less people still understand the true craftsmanship of real photography. A lot of photographers find ways to deal with undervaluation, but a single sentence can sometimes be enough to royally piss you off.”

-Robin De Clercq

Read all the galling phrases that drive the pros up the wall at Resource Magazine Online

photography-invoice-templateWhat to Do When Your Clients Aren’t Paying

“You submit an invoice, and ask that it be paid in 30 days. That’s rarely the end of the job. We asked photographers for their tips, tricks and horror stories about the delicate task of getting clients to pay what they owe.”

-Rebecca Robertson

Read on about the gory details at PDN’s online magazine

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