ASPP Winter Party – December 13, 2016 at Shutterstock

By ASPP, NY Chapter President, Lindsey Nicholson

The New York chapter hosted another terrific year-end winter party at Shutterstock’s offices in the Empire State Building. As usual, there were great snacks and drinks, and stellar views. We had a strong turn out, with both long-standing and new members who networked and enjoyed each other’s company in a festive environment.

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all images © Susan Rosenberg Jones

There was much to celebrate—the 50th anniversary and our annual Picture Professional of the Year award, presented by Cecilia de Querol to Bug Sutton and Robert Zentmaier. (Read more here.)

Bug gave a rousing talk about her experiences in the industry and all the changes that we have seen over the years—including holding up a Loupe to see how many in the audience remember using one. It was inspiring and a true pleasure to see a room full of peers thank Bug for her many contributions. Unfortunately, Bob was unable to join us for the party and we missed him. We extend our thanks to both of them for their dedication, perseverance, and time spent promoting our industry and ASPP. Congratulations!

Cathy Sachs also addressed the group, speaking about the early days of the organization, complete with a slideshow of images from the ASPP scrapbook. It was great to see the many familiar faces that shaped our industry and helped contribute to the success of our organization.

Terrific sponsors joined in to help make the evening special, including Shutterstock who generously hosted us. Several were there to celebrate with us—a nice treat! We want to thank those who donated wonderful raffle prizes: Magnum Photos, for their beautiful book Marilyn by Magnum, and our friends at B&H, for their $50 gift card. A big thank you to all for your steady and generous support of ASPP:



Media Bakery

Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams & Sheppard

Science Source

Danita Delimont

Magnum Photos


Fundamental Photographs

The Image Works


Ilene Bellovin



In addition, I’d like to thank our fantastic team of party planners—Daniella Nilva and Laurie Fink-Green who helped pull this all together, Mary Fran Loftus and Rona Tucillo for their help, and Robin Sands for working the front door!



by ASPP Midwest Chapter President, Robert Erving Potter III

Chicago Botanic Gardens? YES! In the middle of February we all need a little reminder of how beautiful our world is. Please join your local ASPP Midwest board for an outdoor meeting in June at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.
Please join us in February for the meeting at REP3 studio.

There may be no such thing as a “free lunch” but dinner… will be served at some of the upcoming ASPP board meetings. Approximately half the meetings will occur via Skype, and half will be in person at my studio overlooking Lake Michigan, where I will be serving dinner to our fellow board members.

Some of the great networking and education events for 2017-2018 on the table for discussion are:

1) We have been asked to do portfolio reviews with the local ASMP at PhaseOne’s Stand Out Photographic Forum in late October or early November 2017.

2) We have been invited on a tour by Panoramic Images to show us the new camera and workflow they’re using to save WWI Panoramic Cirkut Negatives.

3) ASMP Chicago Midwest is interested in cohosting an educational event focused on copyright and workflow in the spring of 2018.

4) We have friends at the Art Institute of Chicago and we’re looking into getting a private tour of their photo archives. Also possible is a behind-the-scenes tour of the museum.

5) Local ASMP has expressed interest in sharing their famous photographers’ studio tour with us this year.

6) Bar Night: Every 2nd Wednesday of the month, at 7pm at a local tavern. We’re discussing with ASMP and APA to see if they’d like to share industry-night mixers with us.



by Chris DiNenna, outgoing West Coast Chapter Co-President

Since January 2013, I have embraced and enjoyed my tenure as the co-president of the West chapter. The events and outings for west coast members have been invigorating and well-received. I have been so lucky to meet new photography-related folks during this time. The West chapter has always been a solid community of professionals who understand the changes in our industry and do their best to stay ahead of them. Still, it was important to me that our events were thought-provoking and inspiring for the chapter, such as our Behind-the-Scene’s archive tours. Through the years, we were introduced to all sorts of individuals working in photography and were able to connect with new pioneers working in the photo market. Many of these mavericks came out and joined the chapter during the Copyright Workflow Workshop in downtown Los Angeles.

work-chris© Chris DiNenna

As for myself, I started a new position at Viking Cruises two years ago as Manager of Photo Content, developing and maintaining a new digital asset management database for the company. With my twenty-plus years working in photo libraries as a researcher and editor, I have been able to use my expertise to create a library of world-class photography with proper metadata, copyright information, and search capabilities that will benefit Viking. With my increased role within the company, I felt it was time to step down from my chapter lead role and pass this opportunity to another industry pro—someone who could influence others in the photo world and who has the necessary time and commitment to promote chapter events for the Western US region.

I personally want to thank the ASPP National Board, past and present—Tom Wear, Danita Delimont, Cecilia de Querol, Darrell Perry, Sam Merrill, Jain Lemos, and Michael Masterson for all the support and positive influence in our west coast events. I still plan on being a positive force for the West chapter by collaborating with the new president to continue to educate and inspire. I feel confident that future ASPP networking will continue to succeed as we strive to be a strong support group for everyone working in the world of photography.

Chris DiNenna is stepping down as West Coast Chapter Co-President. ASPP and its National Board, thank him for his years of commitment and service.


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