by Anita Duncan

bobz_500x667In this year of celebrating the 50th anniversary of ASPP, it seems fitting and proper to nominate two individuals who have spent their entire careers representing photographers, creating new content, and licensing images, etc. For decades, they have quietly been there for photographers, researchers, editors, art buyers, and countless others who interacted with the photo industry as the B/W print gave way to the color slide and eventually to the digital image.

They have always supported ASPP with donations to events and ads in The Picture Professional. They are co-owners of the well-known, long standing, highly regarded photo agency that has endured many changes over fifty years and which continues to thrive today. They are definitely Picture Professionals who have influenced and inspired thousands of creatives.

bugs_500x667These two individuals worked for many years with the woman for whom this award is named, and who became its first recipient. They earned their wings, so to speak, from Jane Kinne. It is for all these reasons that I nominate the present-day owners of Science Source, formerly Photo Researchers, Inc.—Bug Sutton and Bob Zentmaier.


The ASPP National Board voted and concurred. The 2016 Picture Professional of the Year Award goes to Bug Sutton and Bob Zentmaier. They each receive our traditional tiara, a commemorative plaque, and our continuing affection and professional respect.


anita_duncan_500wAnita Duncan retired at the end of 2012 after 50 years in NYC—designing books, researching images, and eventually licensing images while on staff at Photo Researchers. She returned to her roots in 2014 to work on her “The Art of Life” exhibit (2015) at the Evansville Museum of Arts in Indiana—a retrospective of her work for 70 years! She is currently writing her stories for a family book and volunteering at the museum. Anita was the recipient of the Picture Professional of the Year award in 2005.



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