From the Executive Director – November 2016

Darrell Perry

This year has been quite a whirlwind as we have undergone some internal reorganization. Ten months in, and we are finally heading toward equilibrium. It hasn’t been for the faint of heart and there are still areas yet to be ironed out. As always, more hands and heads aboard means less toil per person, so it is here that I ask you to re-join us if you are a lapsed member, and to join us as a member if you are new to ASPP. And, as always, if you are a current member, please consider how you can pitch in.

Transitioning a publication from print to digital format is a rocky road. Coming to consensus of vision, looking for business models when there are few, and melding ideas from patches and impressions of many enthusiastic minds can feel like either the tuning of a young orchestra or the sweeping up after a rather rowdy parade.

All of us know the beauty and familiarity of our print edition of The Picture Professional. Under Jain Lemos and Sam Merrell, the magazine was built out to a glossy color portfolio of gorgeous images and trendsetting feature stories. Most covers were suitable for framing. Most features introduced new ideas to our readers and expanded the scope of the industry.

So why go digital? There are many reasons, but for us, the first was the expense. Printing costs continued to mount as our resources dwindled. But, just as importantly, the Board saw an opportunity to build engagement and connectivity. In this new online forum, we aim to create a dynamic organ featuring timely information and member-created images. We can focus on our industry and community with the possibility of your immediate response; by your joining in, the conversation can extend to social media and culminate in real time, with person-to-person contact at Chapter meetups.

With our new web-based connectivity we are now able to create added value for our supporters and sponsors. In a digital environment, our advertisers can provide direct links to their websites, giving valuable metrics for their marketing purposes. Together, we can create exclusive galleries, with images and videos showcasing work with pictures, motion, and sound.

I hope that you can help us build on this new electronic environment with your own contributions—your interest, support, commentary, and if so moved, content. We welcome your ideas to improve this magazine and we ask you to watch this space for more innovations to bring you useful news and ideas.

Finally I want to thank all the contributors to this new magazine, while not forgetting those who, with their work on the print publication, led the way to this web edition. Specifically, I thank Sam Merrell, Jain Lemos, April Wolfe, Mariana Ochs, Debra Hershkowitz, and Cecilia de Querol, as well as those on the National Board. Thank you also to those unnamed people whose efforts helped lay the foundation onto which we hope to build the future of ASPP.

Thank you.

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Darrell Perry
ASPP Executive Director

photo © Joe Major

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