Since first forming as a small, dedicated group of picture professionals in 1966, ASPP has grown into a large community of image experts committed to sharing our experience and knowledge throughout the industry. We provide professional networking and educational opportunities for our members and the visual arts industry. If you create, edit, research, license, distribute, manage or publish visual content. ASPP is the place for you.
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THE PICTURE PROFESSIONAL is the magazine of the American Society of Picture Professionals, Inc.

Darrell B. Perry, Executive Director
50 West 34th Street
Suite #15A14
New York, NY 10001
(917) 783 0127

Darrell B. Perry
ASPP National Board

Editor in Chief
Debra P. Hershkowitz

Art Direction
Cecilia de Querol

PRESIDENT – Cecilia de Querol –
VICE PRESIDENT – Christopher K. Sandberg –
MEMBERSHIP – Robin Sand –

New England – To Be Announced
DC/South – Cory Lawrence, President
Midwest – Robert E Potter III, President
New York –  Lindsey Nicholson, President;  Laurie Fink-Green, Vice President
West –  Tom Wear, Co-Chair; Christopher DiNenna, Co-Chair

Cathy Sachs, Chair
Andrew Fingerman
Michael Masterson
Chris Reed
Amy Wrynn
Helena Zinkham

The American Society of Picture Professionals (ASPP) is a non-profit, non-partisan association of image experts committed to sharing their experience and knowledge throughout the industry. The Picture Professional (ISSN 1084-3701) is published spring, summer, fall, and winter as a forum for distribution of information about use, purchase and sale of imagery.

ASPP is dedicated to promoting and maintaining high professional standards and ethics, and cooperates with organizations that have similar or allied interests. We welcome the submission of articles and news from all sources, on all aspects of the imagery profession. Contact

The Picture Professional is updated and refreshed six times yearly, publishing in October, December, February, April, June, and August.

Advertising is also desired and welcomed. We offer a specific readership of professionals and positions of responsibility for image purchase decision making. For our media kit and rate sheet, contact Darrell Perry,  or (917) 783 0127.

MEMBERS! Update your contact information and mailing addresses in the Member Area of our website at Non-members are invited to consider membership in ASPP.

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